Customer Data Capture

How do I power my device?

No need to worry about power with the Lüp Scanner. Our onsite team will make sure your device is kept charged throughout the event with our portable chargers. Just make sure you keep it plugged in so you can keep getting those scans!

Do I need to bring my own iPhone/iPad?

Lüp likes to make it easy as possible for exhibitors. You will receive a device pre-loaded & ready to go. So all you have to worry about is getting those leads. No need to worry!

Does my scanner need internet?

Lüp provides internet for your scanner. So no need to worry about using your own data.

What do I do if there's an issue with my scanner?

Our onsite team is just a call or text away. You will be given a business card with your scanner which you can use to contact the team during the show. After the event, if you have any questions, please email us at help@lup.events

When do I get the scanner?

Our onsite team will deliver your scanner during set-up or the morning before the show opens. They will also run you through how the scanner works.

Do I need to lock away my scanner each night?

Please don't lock away your scanner or take it home with you. The onsite team changes the batteries & turns off all scanners when the show closes. If they can't access your scanner, there's a good chance it will run out of power.

What visitor details does each scan record?

As standard, you will receive; full name, email, phone number & postcode & any additional questions the organisers choose to give exhibitors access to.

Does the scanner come with a stand?

Make sure you have a table or stool to place your scanner on as a floor stand is not included. Silver & Gold scanners are mounted so visitors can easily scan under the iPhone camera. Platinum scanners are delivered in an iPad case so visitors can scan
using the front camera.

Does the scanner come a sign?

We provide a sign with the option to use “Scan to Win” or “Scan for More info”. Otherwise lots of exhibitors create their own signage to promote their specific deal or discount. Signage can increase your scan numbers as it makes visitors more aware of your scanner and what they can get out of it. See some examples HERE

How do I upload my questions to my Gold/Platinum scanner?

Please send through your questions to setup@lup.events at least a week prior to the event. They can also guide you about what sort of questions to ask if you are unsure.

What sort of questions can I ask for Gold & Platinum scanners?

You can choose to ask Yes/No, multiple-choice, multi-select. Free text questions are for Platinum only.If you require further explanation please email the team at help@lup.events

Do you have some example questions so I know what to ask?

We have found a lot of exhibitors like to ask about specific products, timelines or answering a question for their competition. See some examples:
When are you thinking of renovating? ASAP, 6 months, 1+ year
What product are you interested in? Coffee, Milk, Team
Do you like the taste of our new product? Yes, No
How many jellybeans are in the competition jar?

How do I get my data?

You will be sent an email when you order your scanner with your unique login. You will receive it again at the end of the first day of the event. Once you have followed the link & logged in, click on the show, then the name of your device & then you can choose to download your CSV.

Why can't I download my data?

Make sure you have paid for your scanner. If you paid via bank transfer, it can take a couple of days, if you need access immediately, please send through remittance to help@lup.events
Otherwise, make sure you are using an updated version of Safari or Chrome & your settings allow pop ups/downloads.

Why can't I log in to my account?

Make sure you're using an updated version of Safari or Chrome or try clearing your cookies/cache. If you have "amp;" in your password, delete "amp;" and make sure you only have the "&" symbol.

Does your scanner integrate with any CRM or EDM systems?

The data you collect with your scanner can only be downloaded as a CSV. It is formatted so it can be easily uploaded straight away into your CRM & EDM systems. If you have any problems you may just need to alter some of the column headings to match your system.

EDM Campaigns

 What does EDM stand for? 

EDM stands for Electronic Digital Marketing and are used in many digital marketing strategies. They are used by businesses to promote products/ services to a list of existing or potential customers via Email. 

What is the purpose of the EDM? 

Our EDM's will take your marketing strategy to the next level. EDM marketing strives to deliver your messages to the targeted audience through email. You will be able to build relationships with potential and existing customers. 

  • Build relationships

  • Drive conversation

  • Foster brand loyalty

 What do these EDM's contain?

  • Your company logo

  • Your company colours / colours of your choice

  •  CTAs (Call to action)

  • Personalised imagery

  • Social media icons

  • Buttons (link to an area of your website)

  • + More

 Who receives it? 

The leads you collected using Lüp's Lead Generation Scanner at your stand during the event you exhibited at. We import your leads into our marketing system to send out on your behalf. 

What is needed of me for this?

 You provide us with your design specifications and imagery and we build the email for you. 

  • You receive 3 templates to choose from 

  • Fill out our "What we need from you" form so we have your design specs and imagery to start designing

  • We send the email to your leads on vour behalf

How do I find out how my EDM performed? 

 You'll receive from us clear and insightful reporting. Get reports sent to you 6 days after your email was sent out:

  • Click- through rates
  • Open rates

  • Our average open rate of 65.8% is
    40.8% above industry average.

  • Receive insight to who opened the email
    and what links they clicked on

  • + More